Jackercon is a community of gamers looking for pen and paper roleplaying games run primarily through Google Hangout with a side of roll20. It was the brain child of Curt Jackson, inspired by Happy Jack's RPG Podcast. If you've found your way here, welcome! We run online week long conventions roughly 3-4 times a year but we strongly encourage the community to post one shot or episodic games all year round. Please understand that if you sign up for a game, it is as though you have signed up for one with a face to face group, there are people on the other end expecting your attendance. If you can't make it for any reason, notify your GM and/or group. Join us, Check out some resource links below, and let's have some fun!


Curt Jackson

Jackercon is the brain child of Curt Jackson.


Michael Kent

Michael Kent stepped up to volunteer for JackerCon 12, creating the websites back-end allowing JackerCon to grow.


Kurt Potts

Kurt joined with Michael to provide the front-end wireframes, assets and general design work. Which make this website usable.


Web Manager


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